Pilot Case 4: Grevena (GR)

Region of Western Macedonia, offers as a pilot demonstrator of the ADBE system, the Public building of Region located in Grevena. The building of 13.778,40 m2, which currenty hosts municipal authorities and municipal employees of the City of Grevena has a morning to noon operating and visiting hours (07.00-16.00). It was constructed in 1997, with 180 offices and 3 floors. Walls, roof and floors are insulated while the windows are double glassing. The average annual temperature is 12.4 °C in Grevena while the rainfall averages at around 723 mm. The city of Grevena presents high temperature differences between summer and winter and is considered one of the coldest areas in Greece.

The pilot façade will be implemented in the south eastern or western surfaces of the building as indicated below in order to achieve the maximum electrical and thermal energy gains, on an annual basis. In the building, there is an already installed autonomous PV system of 60 kWp with an on-line monitoring system combined with other energy saving measures (air-water heat pump, LED lightening, compensation capacitors and solar charging station for e-bikes).

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